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The Department of Statistics was started in 1982 under the headship of Prof. Pranab Choudhury. The Major Course was introduced in 2014.

Faculty Members :


Dr. Purabi Das. M.Sc., Ph.D

Associate Professor
Contact No :9707711048
E-mail :

Dr. Purabi Das.M.Sc., Ph.D.

Address for Correspondence:
Assistant Professor
Department of  Statistics
Nalbari College,
Nalbari, Assam 781335, India
Nationality: Indian
Sex: Female
Marital status: Married

Name of the Thesis

  1. 'A study of some problems in the theory of queue',1990

Name of published papers

  1. 'A general class of bulk services queue with constant service time'. PAMS, XXV, No.- 1-2, 1987.

  2. 'Single channel bulk service queuing system with heterogeneous classes of arrivals', Bulletin of Pure and Applied Science, vol.6 (1-2),1987 .

Mr. Dilip Deka. M.Sc.

Associate Professor and HOD
Contact No :943510531
E-mail :


Dr. Bhupen Kr. Nath. M.Sc., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Contact No :8876213478


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