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Vice Principal’s Desk


      Nalbari College,Nalbari a premiere co-educational institution of higher learning , established long back in 1945, before independence, has its deep roots in society of greater Nalbari area and its outskirts and I feel proud to become a member of this family. Our students have reached greater heights as inspired by the motto “always aim high and think positive”. The students come here with a great hope and vision and achieve their dreams. The college community always tries to impart in the students academic excellence, a sense of duty, discipline and above all moral and humanitarian values which are the need of the time. All the parents want their child to be illuminated with brightness of higher education and become a responsible citizen of the society and hence with the cooperation of the parents and guardians we can mould our students and help them to attain excellence.
   The postmodern culture has brought immense changes in our lifestyles and thinking patterns and this has deeply affected the younger generation. With the change of time there should be a change in rearing our children. When we are able to understand the needs of the society, especially emotional needs and act upon it, we can make them emotionally strong and firm. With love and understanding, parents and teachers can together train the students to walk in future as a responsible citizen of the society.
   I predict a bright future of the students in this institution and with the cooperation of the parents along with the citizens of the society, we can take our students to a great new height. I wish all the best to my dear colleagues and students and let us make a difference in the world.
Again, my dear students, March ahead keeping in heart the sayings in Sanskrit literature ‘Shradhaban lavate jnyanam’.

With regards,
(Mrs. Manjula Dutta Ray Baruah)
Vice Principal
Nalbari College, Nalbari


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